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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Northern Ireland has retards too

So you thought the United States was the only country with a big chunk of its population stupid enough to disregard scientific facts in order to legitimize their beloved myths?

Well, think again:

Northern Ireland minister calls on Ulster Museum to promote creationism

Northern Ireland's born-again Christian culture minister has called on the Ulster Museum to put on exhibits reflecting the view that the world was made by God only several thousand years ago.

Nelson McCausland, who believes that Ulster Protestants are one of the lost tribes of Israel, has written to the museum's board of trustees urging them to reflect creationist and intelligent design theories of the universe's origins.

I come from a very poor South-American country which education is not great, so I may consider that the number in my country might not be different. But here we a re talking about the United States of America, the land of the free and the brave. I guess it doesn't say "of the well educated."

Norther Ireland, being part of the United Kingdom, doesn't sound like a poor country with serious education problems. Yet, it manages to have idiots like McCausland trying to push his myth-based ideas in public. Is this a joke? Is this guy a "culture minister"?

Really, I have no problems with whatever you want to believe. Praise to whoever you want, wear whatever you want (unless it's a matter of public security), put whatever you want around your neck, stop eating whatever you want. Really. But pushing beliefs that have no scientific support in public policy is total stupidity. Are these people THAT willing to believe in their myths so that they can get to compromise public education?

Nice painting. Really. It belongs in a church, or in an art gallery, or maybe in an art museum. But NEVER in am exhibition about natural history, contrasting it to evolution.
Imagine I come to you and tell you that men came out from the Titicaca Lake (located between Peru and Bolivia). That Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo (man and woman) came out from the lake and were sent by their father, the Sun God to found an empire. Imagine I tell you I truly believe this, as a fact.

It's exactly the same sensation I get when someone tells me that "God created man in six days, just thousands of years ago". Pure bullshit.

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