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Friday, November 6, 2009

Carrie, not the rage but the hypocrisy

It’s just amusing the amount of “family values” heroes who brag about their higher morality and how it should be imposed on others, only to be found later in a situation totally opposed to the morals they used to brag about. And it doesn’t matter how many times this has happened before, it keeps going on and on, just like a testimony of the self-righteous’ hypocrisy. Yet, there still are those who cheer at them and make them their heroes.

In the last years this has happened usually with congressmen and religious figures biting the dust. Now, ex- Miss California Carrie Prejean joins them in the hall of hypocrites.

First of all, why is she a celebrity and a hero for conservatards? Here you can see it:

The question is a hard one, I have to admit that. It’s in the same bag as abortion, illegal immigration, affirmative action, death penalty, etc. She was doing well at first, but then she switched to:
“In my country, in my family, I believe a marriage should be between a man and a woman, no offense to anyone, but that’s how I was raised”

What would happen is someone said “I think marriage should be only between people of the same color”? That would be an uproar, and the one who said so would officially be an asshole. But when it comes go gay rights, many people (especially conservatives, and much especially, christians) don’t realize that their moral is only theirs, and not to be applied to others, moreover, just because they interpret their favorite myths book to say so. Don't like gay marriages Great, then don't marry someone of your same gender. That's it. There is no reason for others to comply with your morals. I it so hard to understand?

Carrie couldn’t understand. She said what she said and became the precious child of the religious right. Perez Hilton didn’t help either. He posted a video calling her a “dumb bitch” and stating that her answer made her lose the crown. He failed to be centered and cold-headed. If someone had called him "a dumb fag" I wouldn't have been able to disagree.

I’m not very aware of beauty pageants, so I have no idea about the necessity of asking something to the contestants. It should be come, walk, show some skin, the end. Anyway, the thrill of the question is there and sometimes it can be amusing to see how funny it can turn.

After the pageant and ranting for losing the crown, Carrie started appearing in many events that gathered conservatives, such as the Gospel Music Association's 2009 Dove Awards in Nashville, Tennessee, appearing in a television advertisement opposing same-sex marriage and in the final convocation at Liberty University. All good for the conservatives enjoying their jewel.

Then the shit hit the fan.

On may 4, pictures of Carrie partially naked (but not showing tits or ass, unfortunately) appeared on the web. I have no problem with that. But the directors of the Miss California USA pageant do have, since there is a clause that prohibits pageant candidates having been photographed "nude or partially nude". Furthermore, I might not have a problem with pictures of naked hot women, but I do have a problem when they come from the conservatives’ poster child who had claimed to impose her morality on others. Indeed, the bible considers homosexuality “an abomination”, but what does it says about women’s indecency?

1 Timothy 2:9
"Likewise, I want women to adorn themselves with proper clothing, modestly and discreetly, not with braided hair and gold or pearls or costly garments, but rather by means of good works, as is proper for women making a claim to godliness.

So, fuck gays, because the bible says so, but cheer a woman who has nothing of modesty or discretion. Hypocrisy ad maximum.

In the end, Carrie was fired from the pageant because of her “belligerent behavior, lack of cooperation and contract breaches, not her opposition to same-sex marriage.” They added:

“She refused to follow instructions. She initiated arguments and sowed discord over the most minor issues. At almost every opportunity, she made a point of creating conflict between herself and the Miss California USA executive directors.”

Of course, she says it was for her answer about sex marriage, which gives a perfect opportunity to appear as the victim. And even if that were the case, a rational person cannot expect to be a bigoted asshole and walk away all clean.

Furthermore, Carrie sued the pageant for her firing, to which the pageant responded by countersuing and demanding she gives back the money she borrowed to have breast implants. What? You thought those were natural? Come on. I don’t know if that qualifies as a lie, but really, I expected more from a “family values champion”.

One of the pageants declared:

"Ethically and morally, Carrie Prejean no longer deserved to be Miss California USA," the pageant filing said. "She attempts to cast herself as a virtuous young woman and the victim in a supposed conspiracy against her. Had she heeded the guidance of the Gospel of John, who admonished only those who are without sin to cast stones in judgment, she might have avoided this legal battle -- which will ultimately reveal the hypocrisy of Carrie Prejean."

Truly awesome words I had never expected to hear related to such a shallow event as a beauty contest. But there is more

After the Miss USA pageant, "With her new-found notoriety, an inflated sense of self, and the lure of financial gain available to her, Ms. Prejean turned even further against the Miss California USA organization, abandoned her obligations as the Miss California USA titleholder, and violated multiple provisions of the contract which governed her reign," the pageant filing said.

But that’s not all. Here comes the Grand Finale:

Source: Carrie Prejean 'sex tape' spurred pageant settlement

A sex tape! From the family values messenger! Praise the Lord, who in its infinite wisdom/stupidity decided to show us how much of a hypocrite its followers are.

The sudden end to a legal battle between dethroned Miss California USA Carrie Prejean and pageant officials was prompted by the revelation of a "sex tape," according to a source familiar with the lawsuits' settlement.

I haven’t seen the tape, actually I don’t know it exists. Yet I can’t prove it doesn’t exist, so I’ll chose to use the christian logic and believe. Oh, wait, there is the fact that it was used to settle the issue. Nevermind
The veil of secrecy was partially lifted Wednesday after celebrity gossip Web site TMZ reported the deal was sealed after pageant lawyers presented an "extremely graphic" home video involving Prejean. TMZ Managing Editor Harvey Levin said during a webcast Wednesday that he obtained the Prejean video during the summer, but found it "too racy" to post on his site. He indicated Prejean was alone in the video.

An “extremely graphic” video of “Prejean alone”. That sounds like an awesome masturbation session. Again, I have nothing against masturbation (unlike many religious authorities and so-called moral guides), but I do when it comes from a proclaimed christian values messenger.

In the end, we have a christian poster child with fake boobs and a sex tape. Oh, and who also is a hypocrite and a bigot, but that’s not news. At least, she is hot.

Fake tits! Fuck yeah!

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