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Sunday, April 4, 2010

There was just an earthquake on Easter day

Yeah, that was an earthquake. So, it's very probable someone is going to say:

"It is a sign that Jesus rose from the dead"

More over, if that someone is a staunch catholic:

"It's a sign that God is angry at the people who are trying to destroy His church"

Well, if you hear that, it's very probable you are going to want to say something back. Here are some ideas:

"God is angry at the pedophile priests"

Pretty easy, right? And just as true as the "God is angry at the people accusing the pedophile priests".

"The goddess Eostre is angry at the world for celebrating Jesus and not her".

Myth against myth. Oh, who is Eostre you ask? Well, in few words, it's the Anglo-saxon Goddess that is said to have originated the celebration of Easter, way before Jesus came on the scene.

"Americans are trying their earthquake-making weapon to separate Mexico from the United States, just like they tried it on Haiti"

This is going to be a favorite for my anarchist/communist friends who advocate that the United States is the Antichrist.

"The Mayans predicted it"

Mayans FTW!

Anyway, those are some I can think of. The truth is, no matter what you do or what you believe in or to what you attribute the quake, quakes happen. It doesn't matter if you went to church today, or for the last 3 days, or for the last 40 days. It doesn't matter if you didn't go at all. There are quakes and the only ones who will give an educated explanation are geologists. They studied, therefore, they know, at least more than you and I.

What can we do? Be prepared, of course. Plan ahead, have some canned food, buy a radio, get a weapon. And help others, you might need their help later.

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