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Monday, March 29, 2010

Bible-supported assholery

I was thinking in going to sleep without writing anything, but there was so much material that I couldn't do that.

Humanity has been full of assholes since its beginning. However, lately, many of these have had their assholery based in the Bible. Yeah, the bible, said to be the perfect, the word of God, pure truth, etc, etc, etc. Here, some examples:

Militia Members Charged in Cop-Killing Plot

Nine suspects tied to a Christian militia in the Midwest are charged with conspiring to kill police officers, then attack a funeral in the hopes of killing more law enforcement personnel, federal prosecutors said Monday.

On its Web site, Hutaree quotes several Bible passages and states: "We believe that one day, as prophecy says, there will be an Anti-Christ. ... Jesus wanted us to be ready to defend ourselves using the sword and stay alive using equipment."

When we talk about Christian assholes, the first image that pops in our minds are usually Pat Robertson, or the Westboro Baptist Church. But these two, while hateful and proud of it, wouldn't go out an kill anybody (that is left to the idiots influenced by them). But this Christian militia actually was planning to kill people, policemen, nonetheless. Policemen have to face terrible situations everyday, and also are targeted by these christian wackos. Furthermore, they say Jesus wanted that; if that's so, then fuck Jesus.

Another example:

Veteran Dallas County jail guard fired over comments

In October, he interrupted a private conversation among jail staff and "interjected his own opinions," telling them all gays should be annihilated, sheriff's reports show. He also said that whites were the superior race and that he supported slavery, reports show.

Johnson said the Bible supported his opinions, reports show.

That counts him as a bigot and a religious zealot.

"I believe that all dinosaurs were born of Satanic angel who has sex with woman and the animal kingdom that created ungodly reptilian creatures none of these were on the Ark," Johnson said.

Oh, and also an idiot.

I'm no fan of persecuting people for their manner of thinking, or prohibiting them their right to free speech (actually the same that unfortunately is used by the Westboro Baptist Church to mock soldier's funerals). But I'm sure these kind of remarks, coming out of nowhere, go against any workplace guidelines regarding "hostile work environment". I have gay friends and would really be pissed if someone said that they deserve to die, just because they are gay. It would be the same case as if the victims were black or hispanic.

By the way, I don't question the fact that this guy is wrong about the Bible. I can find some hatred against gays and support for slavery. Of course, just because it is in the bible doesn't make it right. Finally, the dinosaurs part is just pure stupidity.

And finally, because the catholics really like to appear on this blog:

NY archbishop defends pope against sex abuse furor

New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan was greeted with applause after finishing Palm Sunday Mass by defending Pope Benedict XVI against suggestions he aided coverups of reports of child abuse.

The leader of the nation’s second-largest diocese urged his congregation to pray for the pope, saying he was suffering some of the same unjust accusations once faced by Jesus.

Exactly, exactly, because Jesus' apostles also used to rape children and them making them swear that, if they loved Jesus, they would say nothing about it. And Jesus, being all-powerful, all-knowing motherloving Jesus, said nothing either. Makes perfect sense.

But that Newyorker isn't the only one. We had the fucking Pope talking about the issue too.

Pope will 'not be intimidated by petty gossip' over sex abuse scandals

Pope Benedict XVI began Holy Week on Sunday by suggesting in his Palm Sunday address that the Catholic Church would "not be intimidated" by the sex abuse scandals sweeping it.

In a clear indication that the Vatican continues to insist the stream of abuse revelations are part of a conspiracy the Pope said: "From God comes the courage not to be intimidated by petty gossip."

There you have it. It's from God. From God the Pope gets the energy and cynicism to say "Your complaints, your suffering, your tears and your pain are irrelevant to me. Go fuck you. After we fucked you."

Finally, I have no funny picture for this post, but instead got a video:

In an ideal world, the President of the United States would have the balls to do that.

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