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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I Will Survive... in Auschwitz?

I didn't think about writing this, but I just had to. You all must know the "I will survive" song and how Jesus starred in it, right? Well, another version of the song now has an Auschwitz survivor and his family dancing in the then concentration camp.

The song is hilarious, the editing and dancing is so-so. But what amazes me is that the 89 year-old man keeps such humor to dance on the place he once thought would be his tomb.

Of course, not everyone was happy

Anger after Australian Jew films video of her family singing 'I Will Survive' on a trip to Auschwitz

Kamil Cwiok, 86, was just a child when he and his family were rounded up by the Nazis. Most of his family died in the gas chambers at Auschwitz.

He said: 'I don't see how this video is a mark of respect for the millions who didn't survive, nor for those who did.

'It seems to trivialise the horrors that were committed there.'

I think that the man has earned his way to express his feelings towards the concentration camp. It would be outrageous if someone who hasn't seen and lived the horrors there made fun of it. But that man seemed happy to do it. He can do it. He can have fun and dance over the horrors of past time. Kudos for him.

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  1. Me encantó... entiendo porqué algunos de los sobrevivientes se pueden sentir ofendidos, pero deberían entender que este es un una forma muy personal (del que hace el video) de sacarle la lengua al los que provocaron el Holocausto. El mismo lo dice al final. No es esa excelente razón para bailar afuera del lugar donde ibas a morir 60 años atras?


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