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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A whole year of taking His Name in Vain

A year ago I started this blog. It's almost unbelievable that for a whole year I've been paying attention to all the evil done in God's name, which, apparently, is a never ending task.

Some time before I wondered why I keep doing this. In few words, the answer would be "because this stuff needs to be known". You can add, because I like to write, and to think that others read what I write. Thank you all who do so. You might not be a lot, but your visit counts for me. It doesn't matter if you disagree. It counts.

So, thank you all who read this blog. Thanks for taking an interest in something that concerns us all.

Thank you guys from ADM, Krisangel23 and the translators, I already mentioned you in the Spanish version. Your words, help and input are always appreciated.

Thank you Neece Campione for correcting the first entries of this blog. I'm sure you must have better things to do, but I know that when the need arises, I can count on you. Also thanks for being one of my first "internet atheist" friends.

Thanks to the Friendly Atheist, who was kind of an inspiration to make a blog about religion.

Thanks to those who read and comment, even if it is just to question what I do. Every question helps to auto evaluate and be better.

And, I have to say, thanks to all of those who make this possible. I'm talking about the Ratzingers, Donohues, Ahmadinejads, Conservatives, Palins and other religious who make this blog possible. Without your bigotry and stupidity none of this would be possible.

Thank you all guys.


  1. Congratulations and keep up this great job! We are reading you.

  2. Thanks Julián. I'll keep doing this as long as I have an internet connection. The fact that at least someone reads what I write gives me energy.


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