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Monday, May 16, 2011

Quotable Quote XCIII

"People accuse Richard Dawkins of attacking a baby version of religion, but the fact is that there are still millions of people who do believe in the literal truth of Genesis, Noah's Ark and all. Clearly science does destroy this kind of religious faith, totally and mercilessly."

Julian Baggini


  1. I do not agree .. Dawkins attack all the big ideas related to religion, not only "the simpler ones"

  2. Exactly, but to some, Dawkins just attacks a "strawman" version of religion. No, he doesn't, he attacks it after stripping it from all its protocol and required reverence which shouldn't have in the first place.


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"Let everyone be permitted to think as he pleases; but never let him be permitted to injure others for their manner of thinking" Barón D'Holbach