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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The non-believer's choice: To be silent or to be a dick

To be a non-believer is not always an easy thing to be. Besides all the crap one has to put up with some believers around, there are other choices that just don't seem to have a right answer.

Non-believers will usually have to live in a society full of believers, which in reality is not that bad. Some of them are going to be nice and understanding, real "christs" down here. Some of them are juts going to be believers in name, because of tradition and lack of interest. I can live with that. Many of them are friends.

The problem comes when a friend, or just someone you know, reacts to something that has an impact on his or her life. If this friend of yours gets a promotion, a new job, a new girlfriend, finds money under the couch, or just something nice, we will usually share that happiness. I feel happy when a friend of mine, believer or not gets something nice. But then it comes: "God is so wonderful, I thank God, for all He has blessed me with".

I usually say nothing and keep being happy for him or her. Some non-believers might try to point out the obvious fact that our friend has worked hard to get such promotion, or job, or girl, so the merit is not God's. I won't do that, at least not usually. Just let them be, after all, they mean no harm.

But then it comes something bad for our believer friend: He got laid off, his girlfriend left, his dog died or he has cancer. And no mention to that wonderful and loving God, unless it is "God knows what He is doing", or "God works in mysterious ways." Condescending bullshit after all.

So, what crosses in our minds? We have two options: One is to remain silent, even though it is so obvious that while our friend credits God for the good things, he or she won't credit God for the bad ones. It's like the wicked mother who praises his kid for anything good done at school, but doesn't pay attention to the bad behavior or bullying his beloved child might be doing. The other one is to be an "atheist asshole" and ask "where is your God now? Wasn't He so wonderful? Then why is He giving you such pain, even though you have served him right and done nothing but good to others? You don't deserve this, but there you go, suffering and in pain." It's not nice, but we know it makes total sense. Yet, most of the time we care so much that we will spare our beloved friend these harsh words.

Meanwhile, God keeps getting all the praise and none of the blame. That's a God that doesn't make much sense. But again, which one does?

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