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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lolcats, loldogs, lolnews, lols...

I should be studying for a test I have tomorrow, but instead I am checking the "Lolz" pages, and thought about sharing:

From ICanHasCheezburger

I don't think Atheist cat does it either.

A cat doing it is cute. A nutjob trying to convince you about he truth of the Lord is not.

From IHasAHotDog

Nothing new, just another guy who does something in the name of God that goes, well, against the laws of God. But if it is in "His" name, everything is ok.

Moving on to RoflRazzi

Tom Cruise and Scientology are a favorite. It's obvious why.

Well, the JW came and knock at your door, which is annoying. I still haven't got any scientologist do that.

Going to Look-a-likes

This one is a classic. It becomes epic once you realize how they really are like each other.

Now, to LolNews

If you still don't know who this woman is, she's the main brainwasher from Jesus Camp. See that and try not wishing punching her in the face.

This was so perfectly done I cannot comment further.

Really, I should write more about Muslims. But actually, they give themselves a bad name by themselves. The captions are perfect.

It would have been awesome to get one with a choir boy around. I bet there is one. But I don't have the time to look for it.

Going to FailBlog

The churches' signs can be a an awesome source of fail. There are many others with more idiotic and funnier phrases. I should start scouting for them. However, my favorite so far has been this:

Creationists are as ridiculous as annoying. The answer says:
“Note: Just to let you it is not that we don’t believe in things like that, it is just misleading when you talk about it being billions of years old, when we all know that the world is only about 6,000 years old. So why would I pay so that you can misslead my children, your world is just a revolving(?), ours has a start and an end. God created the world. He created animals and man all in the same week. It was also Adam who named all the animals, they will do the essay ‘Rock and Minerals’ but it might not be 5 pages long, and about billions of years, it will be according to the Bible.”

It's incredible that the U.S., as advanced as it is, has these kind of people.

Now, going to Failbooking, we find that those retards are also on the popular networking site:

Yes, I said retards. Because you have to have a very low level of intelligence to just dismiss so much evidence in favor of your favorite myth.

And finally, on Engrish:

In a sense, they are right. Education tends to wash away the nonsensicality religion gives us. Unfortunately many of it still remains in many educated people. Not everything is perfect.

Well, this took longer than expected. I have to go back to study French. Later on I'll be translating a video from the RDF, I still owe that one.

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