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Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Retards War. Starring: The former governor of Alaska

This isn't a blog about politics. But when it comes to Sarah Palin, politics and religion usually come together. Her position regarding creationism, the "protection from witches", supposed permission from God to invade Irak, and other positions akin to fundamentalist Cristians prove so. Is that a problem? It becomes a problem when such unscientifical thinking is cheered and supported by lots of people.

So, first of all, what does Palin has to with retardedness?

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So, Palin has no problem with using the word "retard", right? Well, that's why I use it in this entry's title. And that's why we are going to use it a couple more times.

If I'm not mistaken, in a colloquial environment, "retard" is usually used as a synonym for a person with Down's syndrome. Which brings me to the next case.

So, neither Palin, nor her daughter, Bristol, liked the reference, since they thought it as an insult to Trigg, who does have Down's Syndrome.

I don't think that is the case. I think the reference is to Bristol. Because it does take a really retarded person to choose abstinence as a way or birth control, have sex, without a condom or any kind of contraceptive, and then, lobby in favor of abstinence. And it takes another retarded person to try to be presented as a "traditional values champion" when her own daughter is pregnant.

Palin must have thought "I will come out and defend all people with Down's Syndrome from this insult. I'm such a great person. I have a kid with Down's Syndrome, so that is enough to make a defender of such."

Well, think again. Andrea Fay Friedman, the woman who did the voice of the character with Down's Syndrome came out with a great response:

And when I watched on Channel 4, on “Extra,” and I saw Sarah Palin with her son Trig. I’m like, “I’m not Trig. This is my life.” I was making fun of Sarah Palin, but not her son. [...] It’s not really an insult. I was doing my role, I’m an actor. I’m entitled to say something. It was really funny. I was laughing at it. I had a nice time doing voiceover. It was my first time doing a voiceover, and I had fun.

So, Ms. Palin does not represent all people with Down's Syndrome. Here is one, maybe the most concerned, speaking and explaining what that joke really mean to a person with Down's Syndrome. Yes, it makes fun of her, but not of her son. Of course, being a victim of such an insult against her kids, her most beloved kid, is excelent when it comes to get support.

Think of it as a joke "sent by God". He works in "mysterious ways", you know.

Yeah, they are more retarded than Peter Griffin.

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