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Thursday, March 3, 2011

On how many ways might religion endanger life?

So far we have:
- Murders for blasphemy
- Murders for homosexuality
- Murder for religious differences
- Attacks on women’s reproductive choices

Now, most of these ways religion affects our lives directly. And I’m not counting the ways it makes our lives harder, at least for those who like to live in a fair and free society. Religion seems to demand all of these from its followers, and while some might want to deny so, arguing that “those actions go against the coran/bible/whatever”, their word is as truthful as that of the most ardent fanatics.

Let’s also consider the way religious parents indoctrinate their kids into following the same nonsense they believe. We have already seen the Jesus Camp video, and fortunately society is in some ways realizing how harmful it can be to grow up in a religious home. Of course, believers are not very happy:

Christian foster couple lose 'homosexuality views' case


Eunice and Owen Johns, 62 and 65, from Derby, said the city council did not want them to look after children because of their traditional views.

The pair, who are Pentecostal Christians, say they were "doomed not to be approved".

The High Court ruled that laws protecting people from sexual discrimination should take precedence.

It’s funny to see a black couple complaining that the court won’t let them discriminate against another minority. I think I can sue then if I ever want to adopt a kid and tell him “Niggers are bad, don’t get near them”. See? By now many of you are already outraged that I used such a hateful word. For this, I think, society is moving forward. The less kids grow up in strongly religious families, less bigots society will harbor in the future.

As the icing of the cake, let’s consider how some religious groups will shun medical treatment because of their faith. Yeah, a totally (and literally) insane attitude. But, being a little bit cynical, we can think, “that’s ok, they’ll die faster”. But that’s not entirely true. Those kind of cases certainly can harm us:

Measles Scare Hits 3 U.S. Airports

Thousands of passengers may be at risk after a woman who tested positive for measles traveled through airports in Washington, D.C., Denver and Albuquerque last Tuesday.

The C.D.C. says the woman who tested positive was not immunized because of her religion.

I don’t think anyone can force this woman to get vaccinated. But the least think we can do is prohibit her and those without the proper immunization for religious reasons from flying. If there is such a concern about terrorist boarding planes, this is surely something to take into account.

Religion commands us to shut down our reason and simply live by what others, who rely only on authority, tell us. To believe, we have to close our eyes and walk simply by trusting an invisible hand that isn't there, until we reach a cliff and fall off. And yet, many will think that this was done so that we can learn something. Moreover, many times, a believer will drag others who just don't want to be dragged. That's the importance of of speaking against religion.

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