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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Father resigns for *actually* being a father

There is a saying in the rural part of my country that goes like this: "A priest is a person who everybody calls "father", except his children, who call him "godfather". While being able to get a couple of chuckles from us, it also points out a couple of things:
First: Priests, even though they have made a “celibacy” vote, often have children, and that’s is widely known;
Second: People still call him “father” with respect, as if breaking that celibacy vote shows how hypocritical they can be.

This isn’t an issue that people talk much about. As far as I remember, when my relatives from rural town commented on that, they did it as if it were something natural. Now it’s hard for me to understand how they can still revere a priest even though they know he is not what he actually says he is. But nowadays it seems that people are more open to this, and maybe more critical, especially in more “civilized” places, like England:

Catholic priest quits church as he admits fathering child
Father Peter McDonough, a Catholic priest, confessed from the pulpit of his church in Manchester that he was the father of a four-year-old boy - and then quit the church.

It must have been a blast, something like those pranks in which a person think he or she has something big and then, bam! It was all a joke.

At least McDonough had the decency of outing himself instead of letting the issue being known by other means and bring more shame to him and to the church. That’s right, he chose what was better and easier, great decency is that.

James Kenny, 85, who has lived near St Patrick's church for 52 years, said: "This will come as a big shock to everyone. He's let down the Catholic community.

"People are confessing to him - I've confessed to him - and he's been carrying this big secret. What faith can you have in someone like that when it's not say as I do but do as I say?

This man almost gets it right. Almost. He does the right thing in questioning how can people have faith in such a person, when he does not do as he says? Well, it’s exactly the same thing with the whole catholic church. What faith can the people have in an institution that preaches love as god’s word, when this “love” is usually hatred, discrimination and anti-scientific baloney? What faith can people have on a church that preaches sexual restraint, but does few or nothing to punish or prevent priests to rape children?

While there are many reasons, I think this, the hypocrisy, is the main one that makes me see the catholic church as a despicable and wretched institution.

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