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Monday, August 24, 2009

A real teen drama

Teen dramas have their share in TV, movies, books (especially when involving a vampire) and, unfortunately, real life (well, what would real life be without teen dramas?). Fortunately, most of those dramas can be laughed at after 5 or 10 years for how dull and ridiculous they were.

That won’t happen to this one

In few words, a muslim teenage girl converts to Christianity, their parents threaten her with murder, she run away and now they only “want her back”.
I see so many things wrong here:
- It doesn’t make me very happy to see a person converting to Christianity. But if they are ok with it and bother no one, I see no problem.
- On the other hand, I really dislike the fact that someone has to fear death just for converting to a religion, any religion.
- I dislike even more the fact that that “someone” is a teenage girl.
- I dislike even more than that the fact that the ones threatening that girl are their own parents.
- I find it unbelievable that happens in the United States.
- The girl’s father saying that a “cult” “kidnapped” his daughter is both, enraging and laughable. Again, pots, accusing pans.
- The Imam saying that the Koran doesn’t contemplate murder makes me wonder why are honor killings so widespread in Islamic culture.
- Finally, I can imagine all the “savior” image propaganda the Christian church is going to get from this incident.

And in the story’s protagonist’s words:

Her words, her expression, her tears, just break my heart. Her case is beyond sad, and by far I’d like to see her staying with the Christian church than with her family. Sadly, she doesn’t have much chance, since she is not an adult, she is likely to be returned to her family. So sad.

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  1. In a way, I kind of admire this girl. From islam to christianity there is surely a large path.


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