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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Preachers, preachers...

After having read about it in El Utero de Marita (Peru’s most influential blog) and thanks to the links provided by Gregory House in his “Sala de Autopsias”, today I’m downloading Preacher.

Preacher is a comic about a preacher (duh!) who is possessed by Genesis, the offspring of a devil and an angel, and because of that is as powerful as God. Seeing that power, God escapes from heaven. So, Jessie Custer, the preacher, along with his old girlfriend and a vampire, go to Texas looking for God to ask him why he was so irresponsible to leave heaven.

I’m not a comics’ person, and if I decided to give this one a chance is not just because of the religious theme, but because I saw it recommended in many places. Besides, it’s said that if Tarantino wrote comics, he had written this one.

Among all of the reviews I read about it, one thing draw my attention: One of them said that this preacher “had a very clear and strong view of right and wrong, which made him one of the most moral characters in the comics universe.

That’s exactly what people expect from their preachers, pastors and priests: to be “moral pillars” of society, to have the answer for any problem, and to be loving, understanding, forgiving, friendly, and over all, “representatives of God on Earth”.

Well, that’s not always the case. While there are some preachers that happen to live up to what people expect from them, there are others who are just as jealous, misogynistic, megalomaniacal, capricious and arrogant as their god seems to be in many passages from the bible.

A preacher, a priest or a pastor, just for the sake of being it, is no better than a lawyer or a politician. Yet people trust them, usually blindly, and tend to think they are guides or “shepherds”.

These are some of those shepherds:

Man Accuses Missouri Priest of Abuse

Ok, it’s just an accusation. Nothing final yet. Oh, wait…

Mark McAllister says he was abused by Fr. Gerald James Howard when he was 13.
When Howard came to Missouri he already had a criminal conviction for molesting children in New Jersey.

So, this guy had already been convicted for molesting children. Should a little decency have been expected from the church at least mentioning that this guy was dangerous? Of course not. The catholic church is so is so full of itself being holy and founded by Jesus that it will almost never admit that there is something wrong with its priests.


David Pierce, the former music minister of Benton’s First Baptist Church, confessed to and was convicted of four counts of sexual indecency with a child before Saline County Circuit Judge Grisham Philips this morning.
According to the negotiated plea, Pierce, 56, will serve 10 years in the Arkansas Department of Correction.


After Pierce introduced the boys to charting, which reportedly was done on a legal pad, he would commonly have the boys masturbate in front of him, the case file notes. It also notes that often he would “then expose himself to the boys and masturbate.”

It’s hard to believe that people trust this kind of “authorities” with their children. But, well, those are usually the people who believe the Earth is 6000 years old.


Charles Carfrey, 59, pastor of The Lord's House Church in Buckeye, will receive up to four years in prison and lifetime probation when he is sentenced Sept. 11.

On Aug. 10, he pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual conduct with a minor and one count of failure to register as a sex offender, Maricopa County Superior Court records show.

Lord’s House? Does the Lord know what was going on there? He must, he’s God, after all, right?

But there's more. One of the victims' mother said:

"I'm a Christian and I hate that man. And I know I'm not supposed to hate that man and I do because I see what he's done to my family," she said. "How could somebody do that in the name of God? That's exactly what turns people against God. It's not God; it's people. It's people."

Yes, dear, it’s people. Because there is no god that cares for your or your daughters’ suffering, only people using that name to talk nonsense to gain power, and people like you believing all the nonsense.


A former Delaware County pastor accused of molesting a 15-year-old girl assaulted her on top of the desk in his church office, according to an arrest affidavit.

The sexual contact assaults occurred "every Sunday" the victim was at church on either the desk or couch in Spires' church office about an hour before services began. During some of the assaults, the victim's father was helping prepare for services.

On the desk? Couldn’t it have been on the altar? Or would that have been too much irreverence against God? Then, what is having sex with a 15 year-old girl while married and still telling her “I love you”?

These are just some cases retrieved during last week. Surely, next will have more of these wonderful preachers who show us what a person who has devoted his life to God can do. Meanwhile I’ll be reading “Preacher” while thinking what is considered a good preacher and how different that is from being a good person.

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