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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Holy Week recommendation VI: "Deliver Us From Evil"

So far I've recommended various films and even a TV series that somehow deal with religion. Today I'll go for something more precise that doesn't have to be interpreted or understood and that leaves no room for interpretation. A documentary that lays well-deserved waste on the filth within the Catholic Church.

"Deliver Us From Evil" explores several cases of people who were abused as children by Father Oliver O'Grady during a period of 20 years. As hard as that might be, the victims, now grown up and with lives of their own, recall those experiences that might be shared by many others who don't have the courage to come out and tell the world. Maybe courage isn't the word, because I can't even imagine how disgusting such experience might be. Father O'Grady, a respected member of the community abused children put under his care by well-meaning, but deluded parents.

However, the outrage won't stop there. Many times we have heard that these are just "isolated cases" and that just one bad priest doesn't have to be the cause to blame the whole church. Well, consider that O'Grady was protected by his superiors, moved from parish to parish when some report of abuse came out. It wasn't until too many victims came out and spoke that he was brought to justice. Just until the end his superior decided to act against one of their own. Forget the children's suffering, for the Catholic Church first and most important is to keep their good reputation.

This is the kind of film that should be screened in every school, so that parents are aware of the kind of people that an organization that relies on obedience and near-veneration respect can produce. Trust is to be gained, and to talk about God is never a way to do so.

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