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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

You have to be some awesome atheist for Time to put "Atheist" under your occupation

That awesome atheist is Christopher Hitchens, who today turns 62.

The first thing I admire on Hitchens is that, among the leading atheists nowadays, he is a journalist who doesn't have a very clear "agenda", more than that of rationally putting those who deserve it in their place.

While it's great to see him putting conservative Christians down with his famous "hitchslap", it's also great to see him kicking down the politically correct left, especially when it comes to multicultural issues. Hitchens calls bullcrap when it is needed, no matter how many Muslims are angered by that.

But Hitchens is human and far from being a God. His life is endangered because of a cancer Hitchens himself brought to him, or at least, helped, thanks to his smoking and drinking. Yet, he keeps his attitude certainly is very far from becoming religious. If he dies, we will have someone to quote to those who stupidly say that every atheist converts just before his or her death. And if he lives, well, we keep Hitchens for some more years and will get to say that God wanted to kill him, but he survived.

Want to send him a gift? You can buy his books here. Want something easier and cheaper? Then you can vote for him in the Time Magazine poll for the 100 most influential people of 2011. He surely deserves it.

Happy Birthday Mr. Hitchens.

Oh, before leaving, check this documentary about Mother Teresa. You'll love it

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