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Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Mr. Dawkins

Today is Richard Dawkins’ birthday

Richard Dawkins is usually a polarizing figure even among non-believers. But, whether you like him or hate him, it is undeniable that Dawkins is a very important figure within the atheist movement.

I do admire Dawkins. He is the embodiment of the scientist that doesn’t just stays in his laboratory, but goes out and tells the people what he finds and why this is right. That takes balls. That takes cojones. Sometimes in the process he will be overtly aggressive with believers and their beliefs, something I try (very hard) not to do. Sometimes he has disagreements with other scientist. Yes, he is a man. Not god, or a human that enjoys a supposed infallibility.

I usually try not to quote him too much, or at least, more than I would with any other scientist. Actually, Sagan seems to me more “quotable”. Yet, Richard Dawkins is alive and doing a lot of work, more than many other scientists to give science the righteous place it should have in our everyday lives.

So, here you have some of the documentaries that Dawkins have been producing. Whether you like him or not, these documentaries are very interesting and deserve to be seen.

Nice Guys Finish First

This documentary is from 1987. To think that Dawkins has been producing documentaries dedicated to science since I was 3 years old makes me think that his work is a lifetime work.

The Blind Watchmaker

Growing up in the Universe

Break the Science Barrier

Root of all evil

This is the first documentary made by Dawkins that addresses the problem that religion is, or can be. While I agree with most of what it says, some parts are sometimes too harsh on the believers. That could have been addressed differently.

Enemies of Reason

The Genius of Charles Darwin

There are many other videos about Dawkins, but I'll leave just the ones above, since they are documentaries. I'll add one more, that is both enlightening and funny.

I don't want to elevate him to a "celebrity" status, but there is one more picture I'd like to put here. It's what most of us non-believers would think after listening to... well, you'll know what I mean

Whether it is the age of the Earth, the nature of fossils, the question of morality, etc, I think we all have put that face and though that least once when talking to a believer.

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