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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Want real hatred against gays? Check out the muslims

There is a reason for why this cartoon is so true.

Let's forget for moment about catholic pedophiles (even though I'm sure we'll soon have to remember them). I've criticized the hypocritical position the catholic (and christian churches in general) against homosexual, while at the same time preaching love to everyone. But if you want some real hatred, you have to look at the muslims:

Members of hard-line Islamic groups forced their way into a Surabaya hotel Friday, demanding participants of a planned congress on sexual orientation in the East Java city to leave the country by Sunday.

Secretary-general of the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) in East Java, Mohammad Chaeruddin, said the foreigners were told to leave because Surabaya Muslims believed the conference was against religious values and teachings.

The police took no action against the move, condemned by politicians and activists as “unconstitutional” and violating human rights, who said the conference should be seen as “a celebration of democracy and human rights”.

Dozens of foreign participants from Mexico, Canada, the US and 13 Asian countries were scheduled to take part in the 4th regional Lesbian, Gay, Transgender and Intersex Association (ILGA) conference scheduled to run from Friday to Sunday.

In other words "Your gay conference goes against my beliefs, and even though you are not pulling me to be there, I don't want you to host it." If this is not intolerance, I don't know what it is.

Oh, yeah. Someone is going to say that these are fanatics, or, as the article says, "hardliners". The difference with christian hardliners is that the christians can insult and protest all they want, but gays (or any other group that is not of their liking) will still be able to gather. But when muslims are involved, in a society that has a majority of them (Indonesia has the largest population of muslims), they are going to be empowered to do as they want, especially when it comes to their disregard of human rights.

Not allowing the gays to have their conference is pure intolerance. Moreover, that intolerance is born from the same book that the more moderate muslims say preaches "peace".

Finally, worse than that, is that police has not wanted to do anything about. The attendees to the conference did not have any protection, and there are very good reasons for them to fear for their lives when angry muslims are involved. I don't know if it is because of fear of retaliation by the muslims, or that the police is so full of them that it preferred to allow them to threaten the gays.

Again, there is a good reason that Mohammed (shit be upon him) cartoon is so true.

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