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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Act of God destroys Jesus

Seriously. By definition, an “Act of God” is “A manifestation especially of a violent or destructive natural force, such as a lightning strike or earthquake, that is beyond human power to cause, prevent, or control.

And what did it destroy? Well, Jesus

That Jesus. It looked like that before a lightening struck it and caught fire. Now it looks like this

At least no atheist is being blamed for this. Maybe Zeus got angry that Jesus gets “God” status while he and his friends in the Parthenon are perceived as myths.

Yeah, you don’t want to mess with a guy who holds a lightning in his hand. That is the kind of guy who destroys the biggest sculpture of Jesus in the US.

Maybe it was Thor, whose hammer, Mjollnir throws lightning bolts. Maybe he is excited about his new movie and wanted to show who is the alpha dog.

What? Is it really wrong to believe that those supernatural beings can affect out world? How come Jesus and his dad can? Anyway, whoever it was, we can also thank the gods of the internets, because there is a video of the event:

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