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Thursday, June 17, 2010

It might have sounded like a good idea: "Abuse illegal alien kids, they'll go back to Mexico"

I wonder if that went through the mind of this priest. I also wonder if that reasoning prevented the cardinal to go to the police.

L.A. cardinal didn't tell police of out-of-parish abuse victims

Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahony didn't call police in 1986 after a priest admitted to molesting two boys, and he didn't warn parishioners because the priest told him the children were illegal immigrants who had returned to Mexico, according to court documents released Tuesday.

Mahony, 74, said he didn't take stronger action against the Rev. Michael Baker because he didn't know the victims' identities and because Baker told him the abuse happened outside the parish.
I don't know what to say. Certainly I don't like illegal immigration pretty much, but to abuse illegals is wrong (as wrong as giving them especial rights they don't deserve, but that's another topic). Worse than that is to abuse kids who, besides being either them or their parents, in a difficult legal situation, will have very little idea of what to do in case of abuse.

Furthermore, remember, this was not done just by a pervert at the park. This was done by a priest, a moral figure within a community; and covered by a bishop, a high catholic official.

In 2000, Baker was laicized after another set of brothers filed a lawsuit alleging the priest had abused them at various locations in Mexico, California and Arizona between 1984 and 1999. The archdiocese settled the lawsuit for $1.25 million, but Mahony didn't notify police of their allegations until 2003.

There, your offerings money at work.

Look at that guy. That's cardinal Roger Mahoney. I wonder what goes inside that guy's head while putting such a pious face while holding the communion wafer. Does he really believe God is in front of him? Does he really think that he is communicating with God? After covering such a horrifying crime?

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