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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

ZOMG! It's Cristina's Birthday!

Yes, today is Christina Rad, a.k.a. ZOMGitsCriss' birthday. Who is she? Well, she is something awesome, sarcastic, intelligent, hot, funny, brave, talented and beautiful like no one else. Oh, and she has one of the cutest accents I've ever heard

You can check for yourself:

I don't exactly remember when was the first time I saw one of her videos, but I'm sure I was totally stunned at her attitude and explanations to all the nonsense she sees. I always am.

Normally I don't watch videos of people looking at a camera and talking their mind. Those videos are usually made by people who are not very articulated and that assume that others will watch their video just because they have something to say. Some might like to do that. Not me. I'm still old fashioned and like to write blogs.

But she is not like that. As soon as you put one of her videos, you notice that there has been a great effort into assembling it. There has actually been some post-production, whether it is the effects on the video or the edition of the same.

There are even some others that definitely were planned and prepared. Like this one, for Valentine's Day:

I must have seen that poem around 10 or more times. I just couldn't believe so much awesomeness.

But there is more

Criss also takes on Islam and cusses. Besides all the ass-kicking she gives Islam, I was astonished as how well she does in front of the camera. She doesn't pause, she doesn't hesitates, she looks directly and manages to have a very nice body language instead of just standing there. That takes talent, far beyond memorizing a script.

That video was just perfect. And that includes her. Thunderf00t might be one of the best known Youtube atheists. But if I had to choose, I would choose Cristina a million times.

Miss Cristina, I salute you.

To watch more of her, visit her channel ZOMGitsCriss
She also has another channel for movie reviews: CrissReviews
She also has a blog, which she doesn't update very often, but fans of her will be pleased: k-rina
And finally, her Twitter account

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