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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Brits to the Pope: "Fuck you Ratzinger!"

Just a couple of days ago the Pope landed in Britain and the first thing he did is compare atheists to nazis while trying to get some British sympathy by mentioning its fight against Nazi Germany. Well, Brits could see through that and didn't buy the hateful message from one of the most powerful bigots on Earth

Protest the Pope rally sees 10,000 march through London's streets

Crowd carries messages condemning papal stance on condoms, homosexuality, women's rights and child abuse scandal

Day three of Pope Benedict XVI's visit to Britain and it was a day for protests and anti-papists under bright blue skies in central London. Around 10,000 people took to the capital's streets for a Protest the Pope rally and march against what the organizers called "papal intolerance" and to condemn the state funding of the visit.

More than 10,000 people. That's a huge number. And those are just the ones who came out from their homes and went to London. Imagine how many repudiate the Pope and what he represents but couldn't make it to the protest.

Ratzinger represents pedophilia, homophobia, intolerance, misogyny, disregard for life, ignorance and abuse of power. And his position as head of the Catholic Church extends that to the institution. The Catholic Church is no more (if it ever was) the moral guide that people in the West looked after.

I don't think anyone has really a problem so big with a group of people believing whatever they want that they would go out and protest against it in such a strong way. People are not angry about Catholic rites, or doctrine. They are angry at the intolerance based on that doctrine and how it acts and influences on the world and on our lives.

Moreover, I would dare to say that Ratzinger's comments comparing atheists to nazis had something to do with the numbers in this protest. How dares the Pope, someone with such a record on intolerance, accuse another group of nazis with a straight face?

You need cynicism the size of the Saint Peter's Basilica to do that.

I would shake the hand of all and every person in that rally.

On another less amusing note, six people have been arrested for plotting to kill the Pope. First thing I though was "I really hope they are not atheists". Turns out they are Muslims.

I really don't want to see the Pope dead (although I would lie if I said that his death would sadden me). I would just like to see him changing his views or losing enough power so that they can't harm anyone. One day, hopefully, one day.

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  1. Es hora de que caiga el vaticano y las demas religiones pro el efecto dominó. Ya es tiempo que la humanidad despierte y que vea que las religiones son instituciones de odio y no de amor.


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