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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Reactions to Ratzinger's visit to England: Kicking the Pope's ass

I wonder what Raztinger thought while flying to England. Would he be expecting a lot of support after comparing atheists to nazis? Well, certainly that (added to to his record in favor of pedophiles) didn't seat well among the British.

Especially one of our favorites Brits, Richard Dawkins

I'm glad Dawkins understands it like I did. We both are happy that Ratzinger is worried about us, so much that the first thing he does is compare us to nazis. Dawkins explains this might well be to divert the sight from his own crimes.

Great Mr. Dawkins. You can read the whole speech here.

But it wasn't just Dawkins against the Pope. We are used to that. It was thousands of people expressing their disgust with Ratzinger

I'm glad that so many people notice how despicable is Ratzinger and his policies. That gives us hope for a better future.

If you want to see more, here is a very complete blogpost about the protest against the Pope

Another reaction worth mentioning is the one Hindus had, denouncing the Pope comparing atheists to nazis.

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