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Monday, September 6, 2010

The Mosque Wars

At this time, most of us know that there is a fuss all over the US regarding "Park 51", incorrectly named by the unreliable media "Ground Zero Mosque". As many point out, this is an issue that has divided the United States given the "controversy" surrounding it.

By the way, "controversy" goes between quotation signs because it shouldn't be such, especially considering that the US laws protect freedom of religion so that anyone can worship the way they want.

Well, the issue has divided not just the US, but also many atheists have had a say on this. Unfortunately, a lack of belief in God does not mean necessarily a clear and objective view of the world. As an example of this, Pat Condell

For the non-believer who is eager to pick up his weapons and go on an unholy war against religion, this is music to the ears. However, to the one who sits and think thing thoroughly without letting his own anger and fear take over, there is usually a problem. The Amazing Atheist has that position:

First of all, I'm no fan of neither of them. I've seen a couple of Condell's videos and seemed boring to me. Sorry, an old man in front of a camera in not very appealing to me. His message is not bad, but not appealing enough. Regarding The Amazing Atheist, well, it's the first time I've seen one of his videos and, I have to say that a chubby guy walking towards a camera is also not very appealing.

So, having stated that I'm no fan of any of them, I don't see hard to agree with The Amazing Atheist. First of all, because it's a rational position. They both despise Islam, but while Condell extends the wrongdoings of some extremists to all its adherents, The Amazing Atheist recognizes their right to do as they want, as it is stated in the US constitution.

Condell calls a Slippery Slope by stating that a "mosque" (which is not a mosque) will be present in the Ground Zero Area (actually, two blocks away from the site). Political correctness can also be a problem, but it shouldn't be when there is a law backing the "politically correct" action. Then there is just bigotry.

Both of them agree that such act is in bad taste, but while Condell pretends that just "bad taste" is enough reason to prohibit the construction of the building, The Amazing Atheist recognizes that, despite their assholery, it's their right.

Condell also says that such a violent religion like Islam is not capable of providing spiritual relief. I think most of us non-belivers can say the same thing about most religions, if not all. The problem is, there are many who do find it, and while some of them might do abhorrent acts based on it, those who don't shouldn't be punished for them.

I could keep comparing both videos, but won't do that, they are there for you to see. What I would like to do is point out one last thing. The Amazing Atheist says that Condell is a one-issue voter. He doesn't give much explanation, but I understand that Condell (and many others) will take the "anti-religious" position, no matter what. No matter what liberties are at stake, and no matter what rights are being taken away.

Just like those who were happy and saw no problem on the Patriot Act being enforced and taking one step towards a police state.

I do like my right to be a non-believer. I also like my right to be able to say it. That is what I intent to protect and stand for. Not just whatever agrees with my own ideas, but the right that enables me to have those ideas and not hide them. Condell doesn't seem to understand that.

Someone who does understand and makes me very happy she does, is ZOMGitsCriss. It's just delightful to see such a beautiful woman with a strong opinion on such a hard topic, and yet, keeping them within the realm of the reasonable.

Certainly, to see her is much better than the other two

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