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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Catholic Tapes: A story of sex, abuse and deceit

Yesterday I wrote about the Pope's reaction to Hawking's words. I thought about adding a series of videos to that post, but then realized that they needed their own.

In the last years child sex abuse by Catholic officials have been constantly in the news. The appearance of such cases in different parts of the world, during decades make the cases outrageous. But more outrageous is the attitude high authorities and the Vatican take regarding it. Catholic officials prefer to keep silent and simply "transfer" abusive priests to other locations, where they can keep abusing children.

Some people like to think that these are just isolated cases. They don't want to see the harsh truth, that high officials, such as cardinals prefer to keep rapers safe without caring for the victims

One of the most outrageous cases is the one of Marcial Maciel, a Mexican priest founder of the Legion of Christ. Maciel was investigated for child sex abuse, but was never brought to justice, in part then Cardinal Ratzinger did few to nothing to keep the investigations.

Maciel was very close to Pope John Paul, who also didn't do much to bring his friend to the justice. He died without going to jail.

If you still have any doubt about what the Catholic Church is capable of doing, pay attention to the next videos. This is an episode of Penn & Teller: Bullshit in which they expose the Vatican and their bigotry, hatred, stupidity and power abuse. After the episode was broadcasted, the catholic lobby seems to have moved its influences. The episode is not available on DVD, and it doesn't figure in Showtime's webpage. So take a look at it while you can.

Certainly, it's not a happy thing to see. But just because you feel uncomfortable when watching the hypocrisy and cynicism in the Catholic Church, it doesn't make it less real.

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