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Monday, October 18, 2010

No miracles for Ecuadorians

After the case of the rescued 33 miners many praises and thanks to God have been chanted along the most religious, especially those who can’t understand how a well developed human-made plan, along with technology could have been successful and end up calling it a miracle. A Colombian newspaper even gets to this:

From "El Espectador"
Question: "The Chilean miners's rescue, to you, is more
- Miracle

This blog talked about other cases in which miners died without any miracle done in order to spare them from a horrible death.

So, to finish the miners’ issue, here is another piece of news regarding miners who suffered God’s negligence and died, with no prayer that could change that,

Three of four miners in Ecuador found dead

The corpses of other two miners were found on Saturday at 150 meters below the surface, in a gold mine at the Ecuadorian south-east. This makes three dead people and a fourth one that is still missing.

Please don’t tell me that for those miners no one prayed. Don’t tell me that there was not even one who put his faith in God and asked to live. And even if no one had done that, it shouldn’t be necessary if there actually is a “loving father” who knows what is in our hearts.

The only logical conclusion is that prayer is useless. There is no proof that this works better than a placebo that gives energy and hope to whoever believes in it. But when it comes to change something in the real world (not the person’s psique), it fails. The only thing that will decide one’s success is the strength of those who are willing to fight for whatever they want, with our without prayer, and usually helped by technology (like with the Chilean miners)

In other words, if we want something to be successful, our only option is to believe in ourselves, and make use of the best technology we can get. To trust in God is pretty much believe in dumb luck or bet to lose.

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