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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fundies... fundies everywhere. Even at Disney

A couple of days ago I went to Disney with some friends. It was a nice day in which I had thought about forgetting everything related to religious nonsense. But when we were arriving at Disney we found this:

At Disneyland? Seriously? I know, they have their freedom of speech and they can stand wherever they want and say whatever nonsense they believe in. But besides that, this made me think that the zealotry these Christians have is in no way comparable to the way we non-believers present us to the world. We might blog, we might form college clubs, we might host local meetings, we might write and sell books, and nowadays, put ads in buses and billboards. all of those, actions believers have been doing for years. But we hardly will behave as attention-whores and stand in a corner, or worse, go knocking on doors to proselytize.

Which, by the way, reminds me of the Jehova's Witness' publication in which they complain about atheists being vocal in their lack of believe. I think anyone can see the irony in the fact that a group that knocks on your door to talk you into their cult, complains about atheists saying "we exist".

Stuff like that tend to remind me that I'm in the rational side of the river.


  1. Es alrevés don Diego ... Los religiosos abundan con sus mensajes evangelizadores porque saben que en cuanto la gente se ponga a pensar los mandará a pasear. Es por eso que la reiteración les resulta imprescindible

  2. Supongo que sí, que como dicen en mi país en tiempo de elecciones, "miente, miente, que algo queda."


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