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Monday, November 1, 2010

When God loses an election I: Brazil

In our search for a civilized and proper society where human right prime over repression, the existence of a secular government is vital. This is the reason that the presence of religion in politics is necessarily associated with an unbalance in society, in which many time we will reach the point where an answer is “Just because” or worse, the non-sensical “Because God says so”

This is why it produces rejection to see a religious authority for or against a political position or figure. And this rejection scales to total disgust when this authority is our despicable Pope Ratzinger

Pope Calls Upon Brazilian Bishops to Speak out against Abortion as Election Approaches

Pope Benedict XVI is telling Brazil's Catholic bishops to speak out against ideologies that justify abortion, only days before a hotly contested presidential election in which the frontrunner has been accused of supporting the decriminalization of abortion.

The pope's words are likely to be read as an affirmation of Brazilian bishops and other religious leaders who have raised their voices in recent weeks against the ruling Labor Party and its frontrunner presidential candidate, Dilma Rousseff.

Rousseff and the Labor Party have publicly endorsed the decriminalization of abortion in Brazil, but during the election Rousseff has backpedaled from her previous stance. She now says that she is "personally against" abortion and even calls it an act of "violence" against women. She has signed a public statement stating her personal opposition to decriminalizing abortion, but has refused to say that she will veto pro-abortion legislation.

Three days ago, Ratzinger jumped in the Brazilian election telling, basically, not to vote for Dilma Rouseff, since she backs abortion rights for women, something Brazil really needs.

However, and as a proof of how incapable God is to do anything through his people (or just, proof that He/She/It doesn’t exist) Rouseff won.

Dilma Rousseff elected Brazil's first female president

s Rousseff won 56 per cent of the valid votes compared with 44 per cent for her opponent, Jose Serra, with 99 per cent of all votes counted.

“I’m very happy. I want to thank all Brazilians for this moment and I promise to honour the trust they have shown me,” Ms Rousseff told reporters in the capital Brasilia in her first public words after the result was announced.

It very relieving to see that fear and ignorance didn’t won in Brazil. But at the same time it’s outrageous to see Ratzinger’s arrogance by trying to hijack an election in a secular country. Ratzinger conveniently forgets the rapes committed by catholic priests and prefers to focus his words against abortion and gay marriage. If there is something God gave him, it’s an infinite capacity for cynicism.

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