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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Facebook and USB ports: Satan's tools

If there is something that characterizes protestant christianity is that it has a lot of freedom when its pastors address his followers. It's not like in the Catholic Church, in which the priest has to go along with the decisions made in The Vatican.

Among protestants, where the Bible is the word of God, this can be interpreted in thousands of way so that they adjust to the pastor's ideals. Moreover, the pastor has the freedom to say more without having to report to anyone.

That's why that, even though we see outrageous ideas in the Catholic Church, it's the protestant churches that give us the most nonsensical ones. For example:

USB - Satan's Data Connection

El Evangelical Christians in Brazil have banned the use of USB connections after claiming the technology is the mark of Satan worshippers.

Measures were taken so that all the USB connections of his followers were exchanged for common connections and even the Bluetooth (sic), which according to Saldanha Welder is permitted, for "Blue was the color of the eyes of our savior Jesus Christ".
El símbolo del demonio

So, now you know that, according welder, the flash drive you use to move files from one computer to another, give music files to your friend, or hide your porn or chat logs, carries the symbol of Satan and those of us who use it, are Devil worshippers.

It's also worth mentioning that Welder alleges that the Blue tooth is holier because it has Jesus' eyes color. I don't know what's more shocking, if the idea of someone that knows Jesus' eye color, or the relationship this might have with Blue tooths. But, this is a pastor, what can we expect?

Which one do you think lived in Galilee 2000 years ago?

Now, this could be something anecdotic and funny. But there is another dimension to this kind of news. This pastor, like most of those who say carry the word of God, talk with such certainty that it is God talking through them. These people really believe what they say. If it were up to them, all of us would believe that too, since their words would take us to salvation through Christ. It doesn't matter if is pure nonsense, pulled from the paranoia that the Devil is everywhere. It's still the word of God.

But there is more. This week it seemed like technology had a fight with God.

Pastor to his church: Thou shal not Facebook

Facebook and adultery seem to go hand in hand, according to the Rev. Cedric Miller of Neptune, N.J.

So, on Sunday, Miller is going to ask his congregation at Living Word Christian Fellowship to delete their Facebook accounts, the Associated Press reported.

Miller told the AP that, over the last six months, 20 couples at his church have run into marital problems after a spouse reconnected with a former love interest on Facebook..

A "poke" can lead you to adultery. Facebook Cat knows it.

If we followed this reasoning, we would have to prohibit every occasion to be adulterers, whether it is at work or other places to relate to the opposite sex. Facebook it's just a tool for people to socialize we can't keep up with what's going on with others. Much has been written about Facebook but it is undeniable that it has influenced on our lives and to shut that part of our society is to pretend continue in the middle ages.

Something religious people might be very pleased to do.

I guess this pastor focuses on Facebook because he himself had an opportunity to be unfaithful thanks to the social network. But the problem just belongs to this pastor, not to the rest. If someone wants to have an affair, he or she will, regardless if it is online or offline.

But, wait, the Friendly Atheist reports that this pastor's affair was not just a threesome, but a fourthsome.

Anyway, these two cases show how nonsensical can pastors be when they say they preach the word of God and guiding people to Him. These two are to be seen as big frauds. And, considering the evidence, most pastors will fall into that category.


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