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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

When God loses an election II: Nevada & Delaware

We already talked about Brazil and its liberal candidate winning despite Ratzinger’s opposition. Today we have something similar: US congress elections.

In this race there were two candidates that were playing the “God” card. Sharron Angle in Nevada and Christine O’Donnell in Delaware, both of them babbling bigotry and nonsense inspired in their belief in loving celestial father. Fortunately, both of them lost the election.

In Nevada, Sharron Angle, the Tea Party-endorsed Republican candidate lost to Harry Reid. This is very interesting, considering that Angle, when asked why she entered the race, she said that "the reason is a calling."

"When God calls you he also equips you and He doesn't just say, 'Well today you're going to run against Harry Reid,'" the tea party favorite said.

It seems that God doesn’t have the power to support the candidates He endorses. That, or Ms. Angle is just deluded and is hearing voices in her head, which apparently, happens to many of those who say God talks to them.

But there is more. Angle also stated that if a woman was raped, it’s because God wanted it and she shouldn’t have an abortion. Furthermore, she stated that a pregnancy after a rape is similar to having lemons and therefore, the opportunity to make lemonade.

She also supports the right of religious leaders making political endorsements and, of course, opposes gay marriage.

Lovely woman, isn’t her? The typical arrogant fundamentalist who thinks he or she can understand the will of a supernatural being whose existence they can’t prove, and use that “understanding” to further a conservative agenda. Now, after losing, she shuns the media, aparently protecting her ego from being reminded that, well, she lost.

So that was Ms. Angle losing in Nevada. But there was also O’Donnell losing in Delaware. While I didn’t pay much attention to O’Donnell it’s not that I didn’t have material for doing so. First of all, let’s go back in time and remember her views on… well, “self-pleasure”

First of all, you know that when “Savior” and ‘Truth are together in a sentence or phrase, we are approaching a huge pile of manure. This is no exception. “God says…”, “The Bible says…”, “God’s appropriate context”, “pure hearts, not adulterous hearts”, and “lust is committing adultery”. Seriously, not even my grandma, I think. But well, if she wants to have a traumatized sexual life, it’s her problem.

Now, her stupidity was confirmed when she failed to understand evolution:

O’Donnell: ‘Why Aren’t Monkeys Still Evolving Into Humans?’

O’DONNELL: You know what, evolution is a myth. And even Darwin himself –

MAHER: Evolution is a myth?!? Have you ever looked at a monkey!

O’DONNELL: Well then, why they — why aren’t monkeys still evolving into humans?

A real idiot, isn't her? But well, the US constitution gives its people the freedom to be idiots. But when she tries to run for office and represent a group of people with views like these…

Christine O'Donnell: Homosexuality an 'Identity Disorder'

Delaware GOP Senate Candidate Struggles to Portray Mainstream Image on Sexual Values

"People are created in God's image. Homosexuality is an identity adopted through societal factors. It's an identity disorder," she told Wilmington News Journal reporter Victor Greto.

... then we know we are talking about a bigoted person who uses her nonsensical beliefs to support her bigotry. Especially when…

Homosexuality has been considered a normal variation of human sexuality for nearly four decades. The American Psychiatric Association and American Psychological Association both declassified homosexuality as a mental disorder in the early 1970s.

But I think, her biggest "jackass" has been her relationship with witchcraft and how hard she tried to deny it. She even made an ad addressing the issue, which was needed because her voter base were certainly aren't tolerant people who don't care about the candidates beliefs.

These are the people who run with a self-proclaimed endorsement from God. Arrogant, callous, deluded, bigoted, manipulative, ignorant, and proud of such ignorance. While this election has been big for conservatives in general, I am please to see these fundamentalists bite the dust. Hopefully one day we won’t even will have to hear about them.


  1. "But there is more. Angle also stated that if a woman was raped, it’s because God wanted it and she shouldn’t have an abortion. Furthermore, she stated that a pregnancy after a rape is similar to having lemons and therefore, the opportunity to make lemonade."
    ¡¡¡Vieja asquerosa!!! Menos mal que perdió

  2. I really hope she doesn't go away.... I mean she is just comedy gold... I hope she sticks around like Palin has. Maybe get a TV show on TLC or something...

    By the way... after she lost, I made sure to beat off just for her :-p


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