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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Official douche Pat Robertson: Haiti quake is the result of pact with the Devil

We all have a crazy aunt or in-law that states, after a disaster, that it has been "God's punishment". Usually that relative is an uneducated asshole who never went out of his/her own town.

But in this case, the asshole has a TV show popular with millions of Christians.

I present to you Pat Robertson

So, according to Robertson, this earthquake happened because Haiti (not just one person or town, the whole country) made a pact with the devil. And it is a "true story."

He offers the same idiotic solution that was offered (by another christian commentator) to Tiger Woods: Turn to God, become a christian, because that religion of yours is not the true one, Christianity is the true one, right? In other words, my fairy tale is more real than your fairy tale.

Really, even if Robertson was right, we would have a God who punishes a whole country because of a pact made by some people, more than 100 years ago. If that is the case, God is really a dick.

Thanks to Media Matters for America.

Oh, and the title was inspired by Alyssa Milano's Twiter:

Lovely girl.

Update: Time has an article asking the same question, but in a more politically correct way: Why is Pat Robertson Blaming Haiti?

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