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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Pope wants me to blog

Seriously, every time I stop blogging for two or three weeks, the Pope comes out and says something stupid or bigoted that makes me think "This needs to be out there." And here I am.

Sometimes I get tired. Sometimes I wish I didn't care: Sometimes I wish to be like: "Muslims killing people for being infidels? Not my problem." "A Christian leader saying gays are an aberration of nature? I'm not gay." "Creationists pushing for teaching intelligent design? I was taught evolution, that's it for me, not anymore in the debate."

But I can't. Just can't. Sometimes I have to speak my mind and say "That's bullshit. That's bigotry against gays, that's retarded anti-science, that's abuse against those who don't believe/those of different faith".

Pope says gay marriage threat to creation
Pope Benedict on Tuesday linked the Church's opposition to gay marriage to concern about the environment, suggesting that laws undermining "the differences between the sexes" were threats to creation.

Three things struck me about this:

1. "Creation" must be a really weak thing, and the creator a total imbecile, if his work can be threatened by a couple of guys kissing or (god forbids!) two girls fingering each other.

2. How is homosexuality related to environmentalism? Does Ratzinger has to bend everything so he can spread bigotry? What if talked about, let's say, pots and pans? Would there also be a mention to gay marriage?

3. Is it so hard to understand that the human mind is too complicated for it to be reduced just to "this is what is in nature"?

To think that once I was a catholic makes me feel dirty. Did I really believe stuff like this about gays? Did I really sing praises to the Pope? Did I really believe the Pope represented God on Earth?

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