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Friday, September 11, 2009

Hijacking a plane with His help

Today the world remembers the hijacking of the planes that ultimately hit and destroyed the WTC. More than 3000 people died because of the holy mission the hijackers had in order to please their god.

Well, almost 8 years after, another hijacker who counted with god’s help hijacked a plane. The difference is while the 9/11 incident was tragic, this year’s hijacking is just ridiculous.

Josmar Flores Pereira, told authorities he hijacked the Boeing 737 jet because the date -- September 9, 2009, or 9/9/9, and 666 reversed -- held some significance for him, said Genaro Garcia Luna, the secretary for public safety.

"He said that because of that divine reference, he wanted to alert Mexico City of an earthquake," Garcia told reporters.

Basically, this guy wanted to alert Calderon (Mexico’s president) that a huge earthquake was coming. To do so he told the flight assistant he had a bomb, which actually was a cardboard box. Few of the passengers were aware of this. No guns, no knives, no yelling, only a cardboard box.

But the best part is this: When a flight attendant asked him if he was alone, he said he had three partners: “The father, the son and the holy spirit”.

Is this guy crazy or not? I’m tempted to say yes. But, wait, he was acting because god told him to do it, just like many other believers. Maybe not in the same extreme way as to hijack a plane, but is still their acts are going to be “guided by god.”

Want an example? Iraq.

According to Bush and Palin, the US intervention in Iraq was commanded by god. And these are known and respected people, there are many others, less known, who attribute their actions to something they think god wants them to do. I’ve been told many times by believers to “listen to the voice of god, but to listen with an open heart.” I wonder if they do the same and if what they hear (or think they hear) is taken with as much seriousness as Josmar took what god told him to do.

The Muslim hijackers did so too.

I, along with John Lennon, like to imagine

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