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Friday, September 4, 2009

Jewish parents get pranked

One of the reasons that make leaving the religion we were brought up with so hard is our parents’ reaction. Not every parent accepts the idea that their kids do not believe what they were educated. Many parents take this as a failure in their parenting skills, especially the very religious ones.

Another thing parents don’t seem to take very well is when their children start dating. The words “that person is not good for you” will eventually find their way from our parents’ mouth.

But what happens when that person “who is not good enough” is so because he or she is of a different religion?

That is what this Jewish girl discovered after making a prank call to her parents.


These are just some of the phrases that this very religious jewish parents yell at his supposedly daughter’s boyfriend:

“He’s Italian, for God’s sake, what’s the matter with you? […] he could be a murderer, he could be anything”
How would it sound "He's black, for god's sake!" or "He's Hispanic, for god's sake. He could be a murderer." The xenophobia is so blatant that, more than funny, it's outrageous. Makes you hope something bad happens to that woman.

“I thought you smarter than that, you really disappointed me”

This is classic: the emotional blackmail. "You did something I don't like, then you are not smart and I'm dissapointed." Doesn't this guy notice that by doing so he's basically saying "I have no arguments to defend my bigoted position, so I'll make as if I'm sad. Go ahead and stop believing me."


“You motherfucker! I don’t like you, I don’t like anything about you, and if I see you, I’m gonna fucking break you in a million pieces”

“I’m gonna come over there and beat the fucking living shit out of you”

Well, that wouldn’t be very religious now, would it?

I just loved this part. The old man rants, insults and yells at the guy who points out the elephant-size hypocrisy this man shows. He calls himself religious, yet is full of hatred nad prejudice. Unless judaism is a religion that promotes hatred (which wouldn't surprise me) this guy is the perfect example of a hypocrite.

I have to admit I laugh every time I listen to it. At the same time, it amuses me how the father gets so angry with her daughter just for dating a guy of another nationality. I don’t know if Jews have something against Italians. Even though the false boyfriend gets irreverent with the man, it’s pretty obvious that father has something against him without knowing more than his nationality and his religion.

The girl laughs, but it must suck to have parents like those, so prejudiced and hateful. I feel sorry for her.


  1. Relegious people like to preach love and understanding, and are the first to complain when they feel they are being "abused" or whatever, but they are certainly very far away for being the innocent victims they claim to be so often.

  2. You're totally right J.C. These people think that their beliefs is a free pass for hatred and intolerance. It's unbelievable how a jewish man, someone who must have had some kind of understanding about the persecution and hatred the jews suffered, feels so free to make death threats on another person just based on his nationality or religious belief. Hypocrisy ad maximum.

    Oh, and welcome to my blog.


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