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Monday, September 21, 2009

Rapture day FAIL

According to some fundies the Rapture is taking place today:

WARNING: Will The Rapture take place on Monday-September 21st 2009, at The Last Trump of Rosh Hashanah?

We are commanded to know the signs of the times and to be prepared to meet The Lord in the air at the catching away of the believers. The Bible teaches that the church (Jesus’ bride) will not be here during the 7-year period known as The Tribulation.

Astronomical signs prove 100% that the ending of the

7-year tribulation period is at the end of 2015!

Therefore, the beginning of the 7-year

Tribulation period starts by FALL 2009!

How do they know? They have PROOF!

Like most modern day prophecies, this one fails miserably. It’s 3:45 in California, most eastern countries are already in September 22nd. There was no rapture there, so the possibility that there is a rapture here is very, very small. Not only for today, but for future days, since this event has been predicted lots of times in the past.

I’ll be sincere, I didn’t read the whole page (it’s huge and I have better things to do), but there is no doubt it’s pure nonsense. If this is the kind of intelligence created by an almighty being, I am not amused.

See you tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, until the day we die or nuke the hell out of us. But because of the rapture.

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  1. i almost felt myself being raptured... but it turned out to just be gas


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