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Monday, August 30, 2010

Another case of “Criminals for God”

Remember the atheist billboard that was vandalized some months ago? Well, here we have another faith-based crime against free speech.
A billboard saying “There Is No Afterlife: Enjoy Life Now” placed in Watertown, Wis., by the Freedom From Religion Foundation on behalf of a local member, was vandalized. Paint was poured on the billboard posted at the entrance to Watertown at N8690 High Rd., apparently sometime overnight on Thursday, Aug. 26.

In my other post I already pointed out the hypocrisy of those who claim to be servants of a (supposedly) God of love, but can’t stand having different opinions around them. I won’t say that again.

What I would like to point out this time is how powerful the word of the non-believer is. It’s so powerful that it threatens the believer’s peace of mind and takes it out of his or her sit to do not just something, but actually something illegal. And they are supposed to be “good guys”. Yes, we non-believers get organized, go to conventions, etc, but none of that is illegal, nor a direct threat to religious freedom of expression.

Particularly, I dislike to go around and see a “One Nation under God” billboard in the highway. But I wouldn’t go and deface it with, let’s say, “One Nation under GodZILLA”, which would be funny, but wrong. I think that the fact that we haven’t seen many of those cases leads us to conclude that they are not very common and, while non-believers might dislike them, instead of defacing the billboard, will put one of our own.

However, it seems that the believer’s mind doesn’t work that way. Check this out:

The people interviewed agree with a message that clearly states that a portion of Americans should leave the country if they don’t like the idea of a nation based in religion, in other words, a theocracy. I wonder what would be the reaction if it were a message against blacks or jews. What these people basically say is that “it doesn’t matter if it is offensive or illegal, if it agrees with me, I like it”.

Nice Christian hypocrisy.

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