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Monday, August 16, 2010

Update #3: Su Nombre en Vano in Peruvian blogs contest

We are winning!

What happened with "update #2" well, I didn't write the English version, just the Spanish. If I had, it would have said that there was a blog dedicated to the iPhone that had around 3000 votes. Well, that blog is not anymore in the race.

It doesn't matter really much, since, as long as we are in the three first places, we go to the finals. So, that blog's absence does not mean we automatically win. It just means that we will go to the finals with the most votes.

After that, the judges will choose the winner in the category. If we win, I think it will be a great success regarding the attention the non-believers receive, especially in Perú, where it's not that common that someone stands up to religious authorities and their dogmas.

And if we don't win? Well, we fought well. Maybe this is not what the judges were looking for. But we were there, and showed that it's not necessary to have faith ina higher being to achieve something. I had faith in all of you who gave a vote, I had faith in the community of non-believers that desire to live in a world that appreciates critical thinking.

Anyway thank you all for your votes. The contest will finish in less than a week. You can vote by clicking in THIS LINK. It will take you to a page in which you have put your email address. Then click on the button that says "envienme..." After that, got to your inbox and open the email from "20blogs". There, just click in the confirmation link. Otherwise, the vote will not count.

Anyway, thank you all for your support.

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