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Friday, August 27, 2010

Update #5: Atheist blog wins Peruvian blogs contest! Fuck yeah!

This blog won. Thanks to you all. To you all who voted for my blog, even if the instructions were confusing and hard to understand.

Especial thanks to Neece for correcting the first posts, to Angie for retweeting the petition for votes, and to all the English-speakers who voted for a blog that tries to do something for those who need critical thinking the most.

Thank you all for for showing that there is no need to gather around a set of beliefs in order to have a loving and supporting community. This is the real spirit of the "You are not alone" posters. You just made it real.

Also, it's interesting that no one will say "Thank God" for this. In fact, it should be said " Despite God, and His fans, we won".

My blog might not be well known as those of Hemant Mehta, or PZ Myers. I want it to be. But what I want the most is that if someone reads this, if just one person reads this blog and start thinking about how religion is not what was sold to us, not the source of love and comfor, but a facade for hatred and intolerance, will reconsider his or her way of thinking. I hope that's not too much to ask.

Anyway, thank you all. Let's keep up with the good work

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"Let everyone be permitted to think as he pleases; but never let him be permitted to injure others for their manner of thinking" Barón D'Holbach