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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy Blogday, and this year’s 5 blogs

Today, everywhere in the world (at least those who know) celebrate the “Blogday”. Why today? Well, because the word “blog” looks like the numbers 3108, somehow. Anyway, today we are to congratulate those who have blogs and recommend 5 blogs.

By the way, it’s because of this celebration that 20 Peruvian Blogs contest was organized, and this blog won, thanks to your votes.

So, here you will see my favorite 5 blogs regarding atheism, science and skepticism. Hope you like them

1. Friendly Atheist I think this was the first atheist blog I started following. I wanted to do something like and, well, here I am. Hemant Mehta writes several times a day about religious attitudes that are bigoted and hateful, but always in a calmed and critical manner. That doesn’t mean he can’t be harsh. He is. He does it well.

2. Pharyngula: Maybe the best known blog regarding atheism and science. PZ Myers, is a professor at the University of Minessota Morris, and using science as a weapon, kicks serious religious ass when they propose nonsensical ideas. Never anger a scientist, never.

3. Debunking Christianity: It’s undeniable that, in the western world, Christianity has the greatest chunk of religious influence, which usually comes with anti-scientific and intolerant views. That is why “Debunking Christianity” takes on this religion in a clear and useful way.

4. Heaving Dead Cats: We all know that cats own the internet. In this blog, along with lolcats, you will find reflections an atheism and religion that makes readers think and explore their own lives. Oh, and cats.

5. About.com: Atheism/Agnosticism: Maybe not exactly a blog like the others, but still a periodically space kept by a person, who takes very academically on issues related to the lack of belief.

These are my recommendations when it comes to atheist blogs. I hope you like them I wish I could have mentioned more, but 5 is the rule. If you want more, just look in the column at the right. You’ll enjoy it.

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  1. Thanks very much Diego! I'm honored! :D Keep up the great work! :D


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