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Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Fifth Day before Christmas

For the 5th day Before Christmas, religion gave to me...

Bible led man to hit boy with pipe

The title is kind of misleading. The man is clearly old and must have his reason impaired. However, there is a point in what his lawyer says: "He is a Christian man and believes firmly in traditional methods of discipline". Just like this old man, many people consider themselves Christian who find in the bible an excuse for their bigotry against others, be them gays, non-believers or members of other faiths.

The bible is not the word of God, the bible is not wisdom, the bible is certainly not an accountable source for history or science. It's the expression of a culture and that's it. To take it literally, or worse, pick and choose parts of it with the excuse of "interpretation" is more than stupidity. Is bigotry.

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"Let everyone be permitted to think as he pleases; but never let him be permitted to injure others for their manner of thinking" Barón D'Holbach