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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A wild Virgin Mary appears....

It has been more than a month since my last message, shame on me. I apologize to the (few?) who read me. Anyway, I’m back

Today in my country and, I guess, in many others, it is celebrated the “Immaculate Conception”. This is basically the idea that the Virgin Mary was born without sin so she could be able to give birth to Jesus. A nice story, a nice fairy tale, that just made me look at the Virgin.

The Virgin Mary, Jesus’ mother, our Lady of somewhere and many other titles she has, she is one of the greatest celebrities in the catholic pantheon. In some places she is even more prayed to than Jesus. So, it’s not hard to find here in many places.

The cases in which the Virgin Mary has appeared are the Virgin of Guadalupe and the Virgen de Fatima. But there are many other, less known and much more hilarious and ridiculous, given the place and circumstances in which her devote and smart followers have seen her.

The virgin Mary has appeared in:

... a puddle, in Mexico

... a Parking lot, in Colombia

... glass in a building, in Clearwater, Florida

... a turtle

... a building, in Samoa

... a pretzel

... a wound

... a pankake

... a condom (she was advocating in favor of the use of condoms)

and my favorite, bird shit, in Texas:

Of course, when 50 people suffered visual damage while looking for the Virgin Mary by looking directly at the Sun, she did not appear. What a cunt.

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