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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Tenth Day Before Christmas

For the 10th Day Before Christmas, religion gave to me...

Pope wants to talk to non-believers... in his own conditions

I read the news and thought "Maybe Ratzinger really wants to create and understandment among catholics and non-believers, that would be nice."

But then I kept reading:

"To the dialogue with other religions it should be added the dialogue with all of those to whom religion is something unknown"

I can almost see the equation in Ratzinger's mind: "The atheists don't believe in god because they don't know who is He. If they knew who is God in the way I do, they would believe." But with many of us that is not the case. Many of us were once devout believers who noticed the lack of proof for god's existence, and the corruption and cynicism in the religious institutions and church leaders. We know God, the God that is represented by all of those who use his name.

"and, even though, would not want to stay without God, but go to Him at least as an stranger"

Ratzinger keeps working on the basis that we non-believer do not know god. Well, in a way, he is right. God has not came down and spoken to us. God has not shown us his power by doing something that would proof his/her divinity. But neither has he, or any catholic. Ratzinger just thinks he knows God, which is incredibly arrogant. It is arrogant to say "you don't believe because you don't know, if you knew, you would believe".

However, why would I expect otherwise? It's the Pope we are talking about. Ratzinger would not say something humble. After all, he is the Pope

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