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Monday, December 14, 2009

The Second Day Before Christmas

For the 2nd Day Before Christmas, religion gave to me…

Bishop admires Taliban for their faith and loyalty

“The Taliban can perhaps be admired for their conviction to their faith and their sense of loyalty to each other.”

How religiously stupid can a bishop, not just a person, but a bishop, a catholic leader, be? Is this what it takes to be admired by religious leaders? Blind faith? Being so convinced of one’s faith that a person can blow himself away, beat women, kill “infidels” and, in few words, be a fundamentalist? Is it any wonder that this is what religions ultimately want, total conviction to the faith? Of course not, this has always been the objective. It’s just that now the evidence that points out how nonsensical faith in sacred texts can be, is so overwhelming that it’s harder to be a blind believer than it was before.

Fortunately the bishop noticed his error and quickly apologized. Yet, I wonder if he apologized because he really noticed that he was admiring mindless religious zombies, or because of the pressure around and the feeling that he was going against the armed forces from his country. What do you think?

Catholics, catholics… why is so easy for them to talk nonsense or be in the eye of the storm, but then demand respect? Whether it’s the Pope, a bishop or a group of peasants who saw the virgin in bird droppings, it’s so hard not to ridicule them.

Former priest gets 90 days jail for sex charge

A former priest has been sentenced to 90 days in prison and three years probation for his guilty plea to a sex charge alleging he had sexual contact with a teenage boy 12 years ago.

There is something really wrong here. Only three months? This guy should be in jail for a much longer time, not just three months, especially after waiting for so long. Unfortunately there aren’t many details about the story and it’s not correct to figure them out. Yet, is it of any surprise that a catholic priest was the accused?

Seriously, I try not to generalize or show disrespect to the catholic faith. But stuff like these make it very hard to do.

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