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Friday, December 18, 2009

The Sixth Day Before Christmas

For the 6th day Before Christmas, religion gave to me...

Jews want their right to discriminate

The title of the article says "Our human rights culture has now become a tyranny". Oh, really? What is the case first? There is a Jewish school. There is a mother who wants her son in that school. There is a 3500 year-old law that says that because the mother of the kid is not a Jew, the kid is not a Jew.

First flag: Discrimination based on thousand years old laws.

Then there is the supreme court decision that says the kid was excluded on racial grounds. And then there is the ranting of the article, which argues that the "human rights culture" we live in nowadays is looking like a tyranny because it prohibits certain groups from discriminating against others. According the the author, it is wrong and outrageous to seek a society in which everyone has the same rights, because there are groups who value discrimination of others among their beliefs.

In this case, the irony is tremendous, since it's the Jews, a group that has been mistreated through history, the one who demands its right to discriminate.

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