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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

AAIC Chronicles Episode VI: Ramasknight and Ateos Mexicanos

The person I had just met was Gerardo Romero, one of the leaders from Ateos Mexicanos, a forum in Mexico that serves as a community for atheists in that country. But not only that, he also helped organized the Atheist March in 2008 and 2009 in Mexico. Besides, he hosts a podcast, Masa Crítica, which is about, you guessed it, atheism. And last but not least, he contributes to the E-zine Hidra, a web magazine about atheism. In few words, a real mexican atheist activist.

During that lunch (those were the most expensive noodles I have ever had) we talked about what had brought us to atheism, the dangers and bigotry that religion brings, his activism, our relationship with our parents, how we got there, etc. It is interesting how most of us non-believers had to go through a process of self discovering to get to where we are now. Both Gerardo and me had been catholics in our youth, but after going though that process of questioning and critical thinking, we ended up noticing that we did not belong with the church crowd. His story was more painful than mine, but he has used to go full force into the atheist activism.

We talked so much that I missed more than half the PZ Myers speech. Dammit.

When we got there, the room was crowded and I could only get a little bit of what he was taking about. I taped some but not enough to be proud of. Besides, later that day, the presentation of Richard Dawkins and Bill Maher was going to take place, so I better saved my tape.

Ater the PZ Myers event, Gerardo got a picture with a philosopher he admires a lot and had recommended to me, Daniel Dennett. So I also got a picture with him. The next day I would hear him give a speech, which would demostrate why Gerardo admires him

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