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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

AAIC Chronicles Episode VIII: Real Time with Bill Maher

After the PZ Myers event it was the turn for the main event of the night: Richard Dawkins would give the Richard Dawkins Award to Bill Maher for his movie “Religulous.” After a couple of Sponge Bob episodes, we got to watch the Bill Maher show which, besides some criticism of Sarah Palin’s new book, was not so interesting.

Then came Brian Keith Dalton, the creator of Mr. Deity. I have to admit I had seen his videos few times in the past, but I promise I’ll be checking out more of them in the future. He also talked about the inspiration of his show and how most of the dialogue he gets is not only a criticism to theism but an invitation to think what is really being told to us.

During Mr. Deity’s presentation Bill Maher arrived to the convention and was received with a huge ovation. When Dalton finished, it was time for Richard Dawkins to give Maher the award. Dawkins praised his film and also commented that he was glad to share that moment with Maher, with whom, even having some different opinion on other topics, like healthcare, they agreed on their opinion on religion. Very elegant from Dawkins, I have to say. After that, I run behind Maher, but only could get some picture from afar, but not with him and not an autograph. Yet, I got to tape most of the speech from both Dawkins and Maher, so I can be pretty happy about that.

So, that was what happened on Friday, the Friday I met Richard Dawkins. The next day would have more surprises.

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