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Friday, October 9, 2009

AAIC Chronicles Episode XI: Sunday – Gerardo Romero’s speech

Sunday woke me up with a wake up call from the front desk. Half zombie, I put my clothes on and went down looking for Gerardo so that I could tape his speech and share it for all the atheists in Mexico who, just like the Peruvians and atheists from all around the world, must have a hard life.

At first there were some problems with the audio, but after finding a solution, Gerardo gave a great speech about what it is to be an atheist in Mexico and what kind of activism he and his group does. I was able to videotape the whole speech and give it to him before leaving. As soon as he finished, I went to my room, passed it from the camera to the computer. Meanwhile, I was picking up all my stuff, for I had to leave the hotel that day, and check out was at eleven. At 10:45 I went down, met Gerardo and gave him the video and finally say good bye to him and to all the good people I had met during that weekend. All of them happy to see fellow nonbelievers that would not think of them going to hell or being immoral people. Moreover we were happy to meet people with whom we shared a mutual element: our stories, all of them interesting and most of them painful of our way from believer to nonbelievers. That is who we are and we are proud of having got to that conclusion by ourselves, despite all the adversities we had to face.

I am glad I went to this convention. The next one will be in Canada. I don’t think I will be able to go, but as soon as I get an opportunity, I’ll be in the AAIC.

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