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Monday, October 5, 2009

The Atheist Alliance International Convention Chronicles - Episode I

After an awesome weekend at the Atheist Alliance International Convention, I’m back in San Diego. I haven’t gone online much during the last 4 days, but I tell you, this detachment from the web was definitively worth it. I have a lot to write about so I’ll start to do so in “episodes”, trying to group the most important details that I am able to remember. Wish me luck.

Episode I - Friday

The convention started on Friday 2nd. When I arrived at the Marriot Convention Center I thought I would see a huge banner with lots of people around. I was wrong. Out of the hotel was no sign any kind of convention was being held there, at least none a really big one, like the Anime Expo, to which I have gone 5 times in previous years.

Anyway, I went in there and found myself in the hallway with several vendors offering their products. There were different atheists associations offering flyers and the opportunity to join them, books, labels, t-shirts, magazines, etc. Unfortunately, I had a limited amount of cash and the knowledge that I already had many books at home that need to be read. T-shirts were also pretty expensive, so I preferred to wait until the last day to see what could I get. Besides the first event was about to begin.

To be continued.

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