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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

AAIC Chronicles Episode VII: Realization

One thing I noticed while in the PZ Myers event is that science is boring. Science is fucking boring. I never liked chemistry or biology neither in high school or college, and now I don’t feel bad about. These topics are hard to understand, have a lot of technical terms and always have the possibility that a little inaccuracy in a term or addition lead to an error. So a lot of proofs have to be figured out before stating something, and still, there is the possibility that in the future the new technologies lead us to notice that what we knew was wrong. But what we do know now is as accurate as it can be, yet it does not claim to be perfect. The scientist has to be humble enough to be able to recognize that if enough proof is presented, he or she has to change his or her mind. Not the religious person, who is sure that what he believes in is the truth, while everyone else is wrong.

That is why it is a lot easier to believe in god. It’s much easier to read one book than a lot of hard ones. Science is hard to understand, the bible only asks to “obey” the pastors. Science conclusions can be wrong, but scientists acknowledge that, while belief requires to be sure that there is a god and it is always right. Science claims to be a method to know what surrounds us, while belief claims to be the answer for everything.

I might not like science, but I do admire those who dominate it and have the knowledge of what happens around us. And I admire even more those who defend that knowledge from being reduced and put at the same level of belief in a supernatural being.

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