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Monday, October 5, 2009

AAIC Chronicles Episode II: Dogma Free America

I was already a little late when I arrived to the first conference: The Dogma Free America Posdcast, which was going to be broadcasted live and had William B. Davis (The X-Files’ smoking man and, yes, an atheist), Sunsara Taylor (an activist for women’s rights and also an atheist) and PZ Myers (if you don’t know who he is, shame on you. To get to know him, just visit Pharyngula). Since I was late, I had to sit in the back and couldn’t get many good pictures of the panelists. They talked healthcare, women’s rights (Sunsara would focus on that in her presentation), and many other topics. At the end was a time to make questions. I asked how did they think immigrants were affecting the atheist movement. The answer I liked the most was Sunsara’s, who said that by coming to the U.S., immigrants see their views challenged, which also leads to challenge religion. When the event ended I went on to get pictures.

That's me with PZ Myers. I was happy to meet the most famous athiest blogger.

But there were more events to come.

To be continued.

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